At Sutlej Reformed Church, one of our core missions is to reach out, connect and serve others in our community. You can play a vital role in the life of others by serving in any of the following ministries. Long-term (3+ Years) Opportunity Title Area Church Planter Pakistan Evangelism Specialist – Youth Work Specialist – Children Ministry Trainer – ESL Teachers – Discipler and Leadership Developer – Community Development Workers – Project Adviser – Cross-cultural Program Developer – Small Business Entrepreneur Advisor – Administration and Office Support – Abuse Recovery and Rehabilitation Program Developer – Outdoor Recreation Evangelism and Discipleship – IT Specialist Mid-term (9Read More →

My Burdens As A Pastor Concerning the Western Church The selfishness that prevails in the churches today. We ask of God for our desires to be filled. Our loved ones to be healthy. Our pets to be safe. Our fun, our education, our wedding, our complexion, Our Hair, our car, our safety to work school snow and rain. Our needing a mate for our identity, our children, our lifestyle of ease, comfort, prosperity, our health. Whens the last time you prayed to know Jesus Christ More? To love him more? To serve him and be willing to face persecution because of him? When was theRead More →