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In the Book of Acts, we can see how the Apostle Paul was sent out to establish new churches in unreached areas. These congregations formed a visible witness to their communities and became the “salt and light” that Jesus referred to in Matthew 5:13-16.
Sutlej Reformed Church has the same vision for planting churches today. There are many places and peoples in need of a tangible witness of the Gospel message, and we trust that God will use the new churches planted to build His kingdom both within Pakistan and cross-culturally to the nations. These churches will not only lead people to salvation in Christ but also a disciple and train them to reach others with the transforming message of the Gospel.

The Trenches

We believe that we are working at individual churches are in the trenches for the Lord. Real ministry can be dirty and messy – It is another thing to apply it to the people God gives us to minister to. We work in the trenches. Not in ivory towers!
The Trenches Program has been initiated to support prayerfully and financially, to all who are engaged in Church Ministry and are fully committed, faithful and deserving.