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Assemblies of the SRC
There are four different assemblies that govern ministry within the SRC: consistory, classis, regional synod, and General Synod.

Oversees a congregation

Key responsibilities:

  • Guides the ministry of the church to meet needs in the community and the world
  • Calls ministers to serve the church
  • Provides worship for the spiritual benefit of God’s people

Who can serve in this assembly?
Elders and deacons elected by the congregation and the congregation’s installed minister(s)

Oversees consistories and ministers within its bounds

Key responsibilities:

  • Ordains, installs, and oversees ministers; commissions and oversees commissioned pastors; every SRC minister of Word and sacrament or commissioned pastor is under the care of a classis
  • Receives new congregations and organizes them as local churches
  • Oversees students who are studying to become ministers in the SRC

Who can serve in this assembly?
Ministers who are members of the classis and elder delegates from churches in the classis

Regional Synod
Oversees classes in a region

Key responsibilities:

  • Oversees interests and concerns of the classes within its bounds
  • Creates programs to further the work of the gospel and denomination in the region

Who can serve in this assembly?
Minister and elder delegates from the classes

General Synod
Oversees ministry of the denomination

Key responsibilities:

  • Sets the direction and tone for denominational ministry
  • Exercises authority in all matters relating to denominational programs and policies

Who can serve in this assembly?
Elders and ministers representing each classis and regional synod