Government of the SRC

“Jesus Christ is the only true Head of the church; all authority exercised in the church comes from him. Church order helps us apply our theology to the way that we live and work together as his body.”

How does Our Government work?
Sutlej Reformed Church of Pakistan (SRC) has a Presbyterian form of government. Those who hold an ordained church office serve on governing bodies that oversee different levels of ministry within the denomination. But unlike in a political democracy, those in church office do not represent the will of the people; they represent the will of Christ.

Following the example of the early church, we believe that decisions should be made by gathering people together to discern the will of God. Because the whole church cannot meet together at one time and place to make decisions, governing bodies made of those who hold an office within the church carry out the work of the church at various levels.

Church offices
These offices are involved in the government of the church: minister of Word and sacrament, elder and deacon. Those who are ordained to office act as servants who represent Christ through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Assemblies of the SRC
General Synod