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Q: Would I be welcome at Sutlej Reformed Church?
Answer: We welcome all people in the name of Jesus Christ. We do not discriminate based on any factors. We welcome everyone into Christ’s church so that we may share the love and fellowship of Jesus Christ with you. We show hospitality and love to all who need it.
Q: How often to do you serve communion during your worship services?
Answer: We celebrate the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper once a month, usually on the first Sunday of the month. Everyone who knows Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is welcome to participate in Communion.
Q: Do you baptize children?
Answer: Yes, we baptize infants, youth, and adults. If you are interested in baptism, contact the church office.
Q: Do you have Bible studies and when are they?
Answer: Absolutely, twice or more than in a month.
Q: What is the dress code for your worship services?
Answer: You are always welcome, no matter what you wear.
Q: How can I volunteer?
Answer: Contact the church office, we will gladly help you find a place to serve.
Q: May I be active and involved if I’m not a Reformed?
Answer: Absolutely, you need be neither a Reformed nor a member of the church to participate in any of our ministries or programs.
Q: What is the leadership structure of SutlejRCP?
Answer: Members of the SutlejRCP nominate a qualified person (See 1 Timothy 3:1-12) for the office of elder and deacon. Those who are interested are trained, examined and those who are ready are voted on by the congregation.
*Elders are called to lead and shepherd the church. They are responsible for the vision of the church and to care for its people.
*Deacons are called to serve the poor and help oversee areas of the church.
Q: What is the way, if I’m interested to get involved?
Answer: We enthusiastically dedicated to sharing the Gospel through acts of works and service. We know what God is doing at Sutlej Reformed Church of Pakistan is special. The best way to become involved is to volunteer! Look over the website and see what you’re interested in. Then fill the form on the contact page and send us.
Q: What is the way, If I’m interested to work with SutlejRCP?
Answer: If you are looking for an employment opportunity within Sutlej Reformed Church of Pakistan in a specific location type the full city/town or province/state name and send us.