Conservative in Preserving the Faith and Radical in Applying it!


"And blessed be His glorious name forever!  And let the whole earth be filled with His glory. Amen and Amen."  (Psalms 72:19)


👱 Women Ministry & Fellowship:

Women Ministry and fellowship comprises all married and grown women of any age, and they meets twice in a month. In this fellowship they can grow spiritually through Bible Study, Prayer and Fellowship and use their gifts and resources for service in the church and community.

📇 Paraclete For You Ministries:

Paraclete for You Ministry distributes Free Holy Bibles in native languages and publish Books, E-books, magazine and monthly newsletter. 

From 2012, The Protestant Biblical Institute has been preparing servant-leaders for mission and ministry in Pakistan. TPBI offers Bachelor of Theology (B.Th) and Diploma in Biblical Studies (DipBS). These programs are based on the principle that any follower of Christ will benefit from advanced ministry training. This is accomplished through biblical, theological, spiritual life and ministry skill courses.

The Protestant Biblical Institute is focused on three key areas of formation. Each of these three formational areas is featured prominently throughout our curriculum:

👉 Spiritual Formation:

TPBI is committed to teaching leaders deep spiritual formation so they can continue to grow and flourish in their contexts of calling.

👉Biblical and Theological Formation:

In a day and age, it is now more important than ever to raise up leaders with solid Biblical and Theological understanding. Integrating this knowledge with spiritual formation will allow our students to know God deeply through the Holy Scriptures.

👉Missional Formation:

It is time for the Church to be empowered witnesses of the risen Christ. We want to raise up servant leaders who will raise disciples of Jesus committed to the mission of God, living out their faith like salt and light in the world.


The Protestant Biblical Institute is accredited by Pakistan Accreditation Association of Theological Education (PAATE). 


Bachelor of Theology (3 years)

Diploma in Biblical Studies (2 years)

👉Entry Requirements:

  • Anyone with a secondary school diploma (FA, FSc.) can apply for the Bachelor of Theology program.
  • Anyone with a high school diploma can apply for the Diploma program.

*Note: New students are accepted in Fall (September) and Spring (January) semesters only.


🌱 Church Planting:

In the Book of Acts we can see how the Apostle Paul was sent out to establish new churches in unreached areas. These congregations formed a visible witness to their communities and became the “salt and light” that Jesus referred to in Matthew 5:13-16.

Sutlej Reformed Church has the same vision for planting churches today. There are many places and peoples in need of a tangible witness of the Gospel message, and we trust that God will use the new churches planted to build His kingdom both within Pakistan and cross-culturally to the nations. These churches will not only lead people to salvation in Christ, but also disciple and train them to reach others with the transforming message of the Gospel.

💗 The Trenches:

We are working at individual churches are in the trenches for the Lord.  Real ministry can be dirty and messy - It is another thing to apply it to the people God gives us to minister to. We work in the trenches. Not in ivory towers!
The Trenches is an online Facebook group that has been made to support to all whom are engaged in Church Ministry and are fully committed, faithful and deserving.

💃 Youth Ministry:

Youth Ministry comprises young boys and girls (ages 16-25) who meet every week. Meetings are generally held on Friday or Saturday. Youth Ministry is a community where youth can learn, be challenged, have fun and actively participate in the Christian faith.

👧 Children Ministry:

Children Ministry is an integral part of our church. Here, children learn what it means to celebrate God in their lies in the Spirit of His Love and our tradition of worship. We believe that an individual's lifelong faith journey begins at birth and we are dedicated to the consistent sharing of God's eternal love. Our Sunday schools attempts to offer meaningful instruction concerning Christian doctrine. Our teachers and children welcome with God's love to new children in our church school classes.

It is a web tv through which we share updated and reliable news, articles and programs related to the Christianity and persecution against the Christians worldwide.