Why We Affirm Reformed Theology?

Reasons I affirm Reformed Theology;

1. I believe it best represents scriptural revelation.

2. It gives the greatest glory to God.

3. It exalts God’s majesty the greatest.

4. It best represents God’s sovereignty.

5. It best represents God’s omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence.

6. It best explains the nature and extent of Christ’s atonement.

7. It exalts God’s precision in his decrees and will.

8. It best represents man’s fallenness, helplessness, and enslavement to sin.

9. It best refutes man’s free will over and against God’s sovereignty.

10. It best displays grace upon those who naturally belong damned.

11. It exposes and refutes the man-centered ideology that all people deserve salvation.

12. It best explains the sovereign right of God to elect who he decides to save.

13. It provides comfort in knowing that my salvation does not depend on my faithfulness.

14. It humbles me to know God’s love for me is eternally old and eternally secure in Christ.

15. I know that my prayers have power to save because it is God who hears them for the sake of Christ us able to convert the wicked heart.

Copied From Matt Slick‘s Facebook Page.

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