Remembering the Christian Martyrs of Bahawalpur

Its Oct 28th – 18 Years Ago…??

Bahawalpur, Pakistan | Two Unidentified gunmen sprayed bullets on the Protestant congregation just before 9:00 AM on Oct 28, 2001 as participants were singing the closing hymn of the Sunday service at St. Dominic Roman Catholic Church used by the local Protestant congregation of the Multan Diocese, Church of Pakistan for its services.

According to witnesses, six people on two motorcycles came in the church lawns. First they killed Constable Muhammad Saleem, who was on guard duty outside to protect the minority Christian community. Then two of them stayed outside the main hall of the church and other four, armed with sophisticated weapons, entered the church hall. In order to ensure maximum killings they closed the hall door and continued firing for several minutes, said a witness. After executing their killing spree, the terrorists fled on the motorcycles.

The victims were

  • Reverend Emmanuel Allah Ditta
  • Constable Mohammad Saleem
  • Nelson Javed Qasim
  • Amber Qasim
  • Ghulam Masih Salik
  • Javed Akhtar and his wife Nargis Javed and their children Irum Javed, Kashif Javed
  • Jamshed Akhtar and his wife Riffat Jamshed and their children Zeeshan Jamshed, Reema Jamshed, Arooj Jamshed, Qandeel Jamshed and Kaynat Jamshed. 

Dozens more were seriously injured. It was the first terrorist attack on any Church in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


We are offering prayers for the families of all these victims, steadfastness of Pakistani Christians in their Christian faith and peace and stability of our country Pakistan.

But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. Jesus Christ

Matthew 5:44

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